Daniel Hertz Mission Statement

Founded by Mark Levinson in 2007, Daniel Hertz develops more than audio products - we create new ideas that challenge the audio industry and advance the state of the art in music reproduction. Our focus is emotion, love of music, and the uplifting that music brings.

"If sound doesn't touch the heart, it's just noise." - Mark Levinson

Daniel Hertz is based on solid engineering, honesty, a commitment to excellence and putting the customer first. In an era of mediocrity and complexity, we are focused on quality and simplicity. The central high end audio assumption is “if you spend enough money mixing and matching audio equipment, you will eventually be in audio nirvana.” This assumption leads people to endlessly chase their tail, wasting time and money. Perfection is created by engineering, not by accident.

Daniel Hertz develops complete music systems to eliminate the shortcomings you don't want and provide the perfomance you do. When you own a Daniel Hertz system, you don’t need to upgrade or change it because it passes the record/ playback test. To obtain the maximum listening pleasure, Daniel Hertz Master Class (software for Mac ) enables you to obtain sound very much like original high speed analog tape from digital recordings in all formats, with recordings from all eras and genres.

Game over.