Chour In illo tempore - Tomás Luis de Victoria: Vêpres et complies inédites

Tomas Luis de Victoria

Introducing the music of Alexandre Traube! Daniel Hertz is proud to introduce the music of Alexandre Traube, a composer, conductor and specialist in early European church music. Based in Switzerland, Traube is the founder of the Choeur In illo tempore and the Ensemble Flores harmonici, at the head of which he has pursued his passion for religious music from both Western and Eastern traditions for the last twenty years. Now available are “Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle” (single disk) and “Victoria: Vêpres inédites” (2 disk set), recorded in churches with some of the best acoustics in Europe.

Victoria (recorded at Abbatiale de Payerne in Switzerland).
The disk set features unpublished works by the greatest Spanish Renaissance composer Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611). The recording recreates the original context of the evening services of vespers and compline in early seventeenth-century Rome, in which these songs were performed. The works shed new light on these choral practices, in particular due to Victoria’s falsibordoni – the polyphonic declamation of a text immortalised by Allegri’s famous Miserere.

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Entrée: Quarto Tiento 18 de quarto tono (52.88 MB) €1.20
Verset Deus in adjutorium (12.43 MB) €1.20
Dixit Dominus à 4 (71.34 MB) €1.20
Confitebor à 4 (80.05 MB) €1.20
Motet: In te Domine speravi (instr.) (58.30 MB) €1.20
Beatus vir à 4 (76.38 MB) €1.20
Laudate pueri (60.17 MB) €1.20
Motet: Beati immaculati (27.76 MB) €1.20
In exitu (136.68 MB) €1.20
Tiento 53 de dos tiples de segundo tono (54.05 MB) €1.20
Capitule (6.81 MB) €1.20
Hymne: Lucis creator (43.90 MB) €1.20
Magnificat à 8 (113.08 MB) €1.20
Gloria Patri (fin du Magnificat) (34.14 MB) €1.20
Oraison - Benedicamus Domino (19.21 MB) €1.20
Sortie: Tiento 63 de tiple de sexto tono (96.89 MB) €1.20
Verset et Psaume 4 (29.28 MB) €1.20
Psaume 90 - Psaume 133 (56.76 MB) €1.20
Hymne: Te lucis ante terminum - capitule (14.19 MB) €1.20
Répons bref: In manus tuas, Domine (37.40 MB) €1.20
Nunc dimmitis à 5 (52.63 MB) €1.20
Sortie: Quinto Tiento 29 de tiple de septimo tono (69.25 MB) €1.20
Salve Regina à 8 (62.69 MB) €1.20
O clemens (fin du Salve Regina) (28.48 MB) €1.20
Booklet PDF (868.44 KB) 0.00
Album cover JPG (741.65 KB) 0.00
FULL ALBUM (All Tracks) €28.40