Mark Levinson wanted a family name for the company, so he used Daniel, his father's name, and Hertz, his mother's name as the name of this company. 

Heinrich Hertz (February 22, 1857 – January 1, 1894), the German physicist, was the first to demonstrate the electromagnetic wave, thus the beginning of audio. Heinrich Hertz was Mark's great uncle on his mother's side. The Hertz is now the internationally used term for cycles per second, a measurement of frequency (Hz, kHz, mHz, gHz.)Heinrich Hertz was one of a group of scientists and inventors who made the discoveries that built the base of modern electronics, audio, video, and telecommunications.



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Heinrich Hertz Thomas Edison André-Marie Ampere Georg Ohm Alessandro Volta Nikola Tesla Alexander G. Bell Michael Faraday Joseph Henry Alan Blumlein

Mark's parents were Dr. Daniel J. Levinson and Maria Hertz Levinson. Daniel Hertz SA was named in memory of both sides of Mark's family, with special gratitude to Heinrich Hertz, who died at the young age of only 36.


Mark's parents loaned him $15,000 to start his first company, Mark Levinson Audio Systems, in 1974 when Mark was 26 years old. Now, with Daniel Hertz SA, Mark returns to Europe. Collaborating with Petrof pianos, Daniel Hertz speakers are built a short distance from where Mark’s family once had a beautiful home and textile factory. Mark's original inspiration to go into audio came from Georges Quellet, a great Swiss audio pioneer who still lives in Hauterive, part of Neuchatel, Switzerland. Georges is still Mark's close friend after 37 years. Daniel Hertz SA is located only a few km from Quellet's original Stellavox factory location, the source of Mark's decision to begin manufacturing audio equipment in 1972