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In the 1960's, as an aspiring jazz trumpet player, I became fascinated with recording and reproducing live performances of my teachers, friends, and great artists. I was fortunate to meet and play with many of them. I noticed that the sound coming from speakers did not really sound like or create the emotion of the live event. In 1972, I began my career in the design and manufacture of no-compromise audio equipment. I now have 50+ years of experience in studying and playing music, and 40+ years of learning about what creates emotion in music reproduction.

I founded Daniel Hertz SA in Switzerland to face new challenges and opportunities in the audio world.  Developments in digital audio, software and the internet open up new vistas. In my view, technology has a responsibility to nourish music, not just make money from it.

Mark Levinson

Director, Daniel Hertz SA


Mark Levinson Audio legend Mark Levinson continues as the leader of the quality audio world since 1972.
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Mark Levinson

as Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer. In 1999, Mark Levinson and Sony introduced the SACD to the world. Mark Levinson has credits for the highest natural sound quality recordings and exceptional music perfomances that have ever been produced, inter alia "Live Recordings at Red Rose Music", one of the best selling SACDs of all time.


Music Maker Relief Foundation In 1994, Mark Levinson helped Tim and Denise Duffy create the Music Maker Relief Foundation non-profit organization to assist elderly blues artist in need
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The Legend of La Fenice

Over 200 years of contribution to music. Recordings from the archives 1966 - 1987. Produced by Mark Levinson and Jose Andrade.

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