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Various Artists: A Living Past - Music Maker Patron's Sampler (Digital Download)

This is the first compilation album issued by Music Maker Recordings, released a few years before Taj Mahal and the Winston Blues Revival tours helped put the Music Maker Relief Foundation on the map as one of the rootsiest (and hippest) blues nonprofits around.
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Name File Size Preview
Guitar Gabriel - I Came So Far 43.64 MB play_arrow
Guitar Gabriel - Expressing The Blues 52.1 MB play_arrow
Preston Fulp - Careless Love 50.1 MB play_arrow
Preston Fulp - Father Along 39.4 MB play_arrow
Angels of Mercy 36.7 MB play_arrow
Big Boy Henry - Little Girl Blues 50.3 MB play_arrow
Big Boy Henry - Hot Shot Momma 47.4 MB play_arrow
Willa Mae Buckner - Peter Rumpkin (traditional) 14.1 MB play_arrow
Willa Mae Buckner - Yo-Yo 21 MB play_arrow
Macavine Hayes - Lets Talk It Over 30.9 MB play_arrow
Macavine Hayes - I Got a Woman 34.7 MB play_arrow
Railroadin and Gamblin (traditional) 28.5 MB play_arrow
Guitar Gabriel - Do You Know What It Means to Have a Friend 30.1 MB play_arrow
Freight Train Boogie 11.1 MB play_arrow
Kingfish Story 79.6 MB play_arrow
Dog and Cat Fight 12.7 MB play_arrow
A Living Past 16.6 MB play_arrow