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Master Class Software upgrades your digital music library to the sound and feeling of pure analog master tapes.

Daniel Hertz Master Class Software for Mac is an app that enables non-technical music lovers to upgrade the sound of their existing music library using two functions - A+ and EQ (Equalization). A+ is a version of Daniel Hertz's patent pending C Wave technology that fills in the spaces of the non-continuous digital waveform, so the brain responds more like to pure analog. The EQ is a digital version of the legendary Cello Audio Palette, an equalizer that enables the listener to restore natural sound to almost any music recording from all genres and eras. Master Class processes any music file accepted by the studio standard Quicktime player, including AIFF, WAV, mp3, AAC, and mp4. The resolution of the original file format is preserved up to 24/192. If new files are rendered and saved, the new files will be saved as lossless files with the exact resolution as the original. However, mp3 and compressed audio files will be saved as lossless AIFF to avoid double compression. Master Class can be used in two ways.

Music player

Any number of tracks or albums can be loaded in the player window and played consecutively. The user selects A+ (on or off) and EQ (on or off) and adjusts the EQ if desired. The sound quality of Master Class as a player is second to none. 


The user turns on A+ and EQ, adjusts the EQ for the most natural sound, and clicks on  Render and Save to make a new lossless AIFF file with A+ and EQ embedded. Files can be processed one at a time (Render and Save) or with batch file conversion (Render Playlist). Render Playlist enables the user to convert all the tracks in an album with a single click and put them in a new folder on the desktop.

The new Master Class AIFF files can be played on any player, put into a mobile phone, car audio system, or other device that plays audio. If WAV or mp3 files are desired, NCH Switch Audio Converter can be used to quickly convert the Master Class AIFF file to any format offered by Switch.

History of A+

In 1978,  Sony and Philips introduced the CD as the replacement for the analog LP. Although presented as “perfect,” the CD was criticized by many recording engineers, audio experts, and music lovers for being unacceptable due to unpleasant sound - frequently described as “harsh,” “lacking space and detail,” “compressed,” and so forth. People went from being immersed in the music to using it as wallpaper - a commodity rather than an emotional experience.

In 1978, a friend of Mark Levinson, a medical doctor who was also a psychiatrist and therapist, used LPs in his therapy. He got reversed results when using digitally mastered LPs and later CDs. Mark, already an outspoken critic of digital audio sound,  learned that there was more to the “digital problem” than just sound and was inspired to study the problem and find a solution. After many years of research and development, Daniel Hertz Master Class offers non-technical music lovers a way to upgrade their digital music library to the sound and feeling of pure analog using A+, a version of Daniel Hertz C Wave technology, explicitly designed for this purpose.

History of Daniel Hertz EQ

In 1984, Mark Levinson founded Cello, Ltd. to go beyond the limits of current audio playback. The first product of Cello, Ltd. was the Audio Palette, the world’s first state-of-the-art equalizer, designed to fine-tune music program material to obtain the most natural sound. Today, vintage Audio Palettes sell for USD 15,000 to 20,000 if one can be found.
Audio Palettes were used by both residential listeners and professional studios like Polygram, BMG, and Atlantic Records. Based on specifications developed by Dick Burwen, Mark’s electronics mentor, The Audio Palette had a dynamic range of 110dB and other phenomenal performance specs. The Audio Palette contained over 6,00 parts, 48 discrete amplifiers, and handmade 59-position rotary controls using 1% tolerance metal film resistors. Hand-engraved panels and knobs represented the ultimate in cosmetic refinement and elegance. The new price of the Audio Palette at the end of its production was USD 25,000. Master Class software includes the EQ of the Cello Audio Palette in a digital version. Master Class EQ has finer resolution and many cool features, like the ability to store and load playlists and presets and the ability to print new Master Class versions with A+ and EQ embedded.

Why buy Master Class?

If you have favorite recordings and want the best sound, you want Master Class. If you have a high-quality music system and want to get the full benefit of your investment, you want content with the best sound quality. The industry tells you to buy “new versions” of the recordings you already own or buy expensive “audiophile” versions or collector editions of LPs. But with Master Class, you can have the very best quality from either recordings you already own or from recordings you can buy, for example, from Apple iTunes, render and save them, and have sound quality like the original pure analog master tapes or better than the digital master recordings, for free (once you have Master Class and a Mac). Daniel Hertz Master Class is the lowest cost way to get a much better listening experience with any good audio system with the recordings you already own. You can also use the files on other devices, play them in the car and share them with your friends. Master Class is for everyone!

You can read a full review of the Daniel Hertz Master Class Software by Matej Isak. ( Mono & Stereo Audio Magazine, June 2014 )

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Hear The Difference

Inter act below to here the befor and after of using master class

Artist : Coleman Hawkins

Track: Bird of Prey Blues

Album: The High And Mighty Hawk

Genre: Jazz

M10 Master Class Preset

Artist : Janos Starker

Track: Suite No.3, BWV 1009, Allemande

Album: Bach; Six Suites; Sonatas

Genre: Classic

M10 Master Class Preset

Artist : The Modern Jazz Quartet

Track: Bag's Groove (feat. Sonny Rollins)

Album: The MJQ At Music Inn

Genre: Jazz

M8 Master Class Preset

Artist : Livingston Taylor

Track: Isn't She Lovely

Album: Ink

Genre: Pop

M10 Master Class Preset

Artist : Miles Davis

Track: Flamenco Sketches

Album: Kind Of Blue

Genre: Jazz

M10 Master Class Preset

Artist : Jane Monheit

Track: Honeysuckle Rose

Album: Taking A Chance On Love

Genre: Jazz

M8 Master Class Preset

Artist : Faye Wong

Track: Sky (unplugged)

Album: Sky

Genre: C-Pop

M10 Master Class Preset

Artist : Shirley Horn

Track: The Men You Were

Album: Loving You

Genre: Jazz

M8 Master Class Preset

Artist : Lulu Rouge

Track: Bless You feat. Mikael Simpson

Album: Bless You

Genre: Electronic

M8 Master Class Preset