1. Download the Master Class Installer Package from the link provided via email.
  2. Unzip the Master Class Installation Package ZIP folder.
  3. Double-click “Master Class Installer.dmg”, drag and drop "MasterClass.app”into your Applications folder. You may move the MC icon from the Applications folder to your “Dock”.
  4. Open the “CmRuntimeUser” disk image, double click the “CmInstall.pkg” file to start the installation of the WIBU copy protection driver. Follow the onscreen instructions of the installation wizard.
  5. Authorize your software by using a dedicated license dongle or your personal license file. For details how to proceed, please see the Master Class Authorization Instructions.

  6. Launch the Master Class Software by clicking the “MasterClass 103.app” file.
    Note: Depending on your security settings and version of OS X, you may encounter the following the first time you launch Master Class.

Master Class User Guide


To launch Master Class, follow the steps below:

1. Press the “Control” key and click on the “MasterClass 103.app” icon.
2. Choose “Open” from the shortcut menu.

Master Class User Guide v1 2

3. Choose “Open”.
4. Master Class will now be saved as an exception to your security settings, and you will be able to open it in the future by just double-clicking it.