Showroom in Venice - Italy

The Daniel Hertz showroom is located in Venice, Italy on a small green island a few minutes away from San Marco square by vaporetto (water bus). We offer private appointments in a peaceful location with all Daniel Hertz products on display. Our Daniel Hertz specialists look forward to helping you find the products and solutions that meet your needs. The lovely and affordable Certosa Hotel is a 3 min walk from our showroom and has a great café, bar and restaurant. Our staff will assist you with arrangements for your visit so your trip will be enjoyable and trouble free. We speak English, Italian, German, French, and Russian.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Daniel Hertz (DH) created a showroom in Venice because we want to provide our customers with factory level assistance and the total commitment of trained DH specialists. There are some major differences between the DH showroom and a retail store. Normal audio retail stores make sales by selling the same people over and over again. DH wants you to be satisfied for the long term with what you buy with no need to upgrade or spend more money. Many of the early products designed by Mark Levinson, founder of Daniel Hertz, are still in daily use 35 years after they were built, perform to factory new standards and are worth more than new price.

The Daniel Hertz showroom is based on the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Retail stores make audio systems by mixing and matching products that come and go, whereas DH  designs complete systems that are fully engineered and guaranteed to work, using proven products that stay in production a long time. Retail stores sell products that quickly lose their value whereas DH products retain value because no one wants to sell them. Whereas a retail store generally wants to maximize the amount you spend, DH focuses on quality and simplicity and the most economical way to make you happy. Most important is that you feel comfortable, respected, appreciated, understood, and enjoy the process of buying your system as well as the results for years to come. The industry is telling people to buy sound throughout the home.

DH knows that most people who follow this path are unhappy with the sound, have reliability problems and end up not using the system very much if not regretting they bought it in the first place. Most people are happy with one great sounding music system and maybe a TV for video with the sound going through the DH system. Such solutions offer the best picture, best sound, ease of use, beauty, trouble free operation, and the best value. DH can design systems on any level but prefers to make you happy with the least amount of technology necessary because time has proven that this is the way to make people happy long term.DH also offers unique services such as acoustic treatment and sound isolation, and assists people with special needs and interests like recording music.

The DH team has years of experience in consumer audio, pro audio, live recording, mastering, home theater design, and other disciplines.   DH knows that many people love to visit Venice and we are ready to help you have a wonderful time. Our staff will assist you with arrangements for your stay and whatever you want to do in Venice. For those who want a special vacation, we have an 18m yacht available for charter with a captain and crew who will take you around for an unforgettable visit to Venice and the Venetian Laguna by the hour, day, or week.