Apple and Daniel Hertz

There is one big difference between an Apple computer and every other device that plays music and this is the powerful Apple processor, now the A7. The Apple processor makes possible some astonishing advancements for audio, in particular for those who love the sound of LP’s and open reel tape. A Mac also opens the door to a variety of recordings, movies, and internet content that are nothing short of game changing.

Daniel Hertz Master Class software utilizes the power of the Apple processor to modify the PCM waveform so it feels more like analog to the human brain. Daniel Hertz A+ process is in fact a part of the holy grail for music lovers – analog sound from digital recordings. A+ combined with the special EQ of Master Class produces a quality of sound that is unprecedented in audio history. By harnessing the power of the Apple processor and OS, we have a low cost, easy to use way to have far more benefit from a good audio system by obtaining high quality sound from most PCM digital recordings, even iTunes downloads.

The genius behind Master Class is Dick Burwen, Mark Levinson’s original audio electronics mentor since 1972. Dick designed audio laboratory test equipment in the 1950’s and 60’s and became a pioneer in noise reduction technology, achieving a dynamic range of 110dB on analog tape in the early 1970’s. Dick designed the circuitry for two of Mark’s iconic products – the LNP-2 Preamplifier (1972 - 1982) and the Cello Audio Palette (1984 – 2000). Both are now valuable collector items selling for high prices when available. Dick and Mark worked together for many years to invent a way to improve digital audio and make it more like pure analog, enjoyable to listen to, with less fatigue, using software that has useful features and is easy to use. The result today is Daniel Hertz Master Class software, which is essentially the digital version of the Cello Audio Palette with A+ processing.

Wheras the Cello Audio Palette is manual and must be adjusted each time, Master Class can print new AIFF files with all changes embedded, in a few seconds. Master Class has finer resolution, no noise at all, and allows each function to be switched on and off allowing full mastering lab control at the user’s discretion. Presets can be saved and reloaded at any time. Master Class can batch file convert hundreds of files with one click (A+ process for example) and can be used as a free standing player in place of iTunes.

ITunes is the largest record store in the world. And unlike Spotify and other services that pay the musicians virtually nothing, iTunes keeps only 30% to cover costs so 70% goes to whoever owns the recording. It is amazing to see the variety and quality of the recordings, including rare and collectable ones that cost a lot of money if you can find the analog LP. You can make a Master Class version that is far better than the LP – hard to believe but true. In fact, the Master Class version can be as good as or better sounding than the original analog master tape. This is a fact that can be proved if one has the equipment, tapes and expertise.

Because Master Class has batch file conversion, you can make a Master Class version of an entire album with one click. Just adjust one track and use Render and Save Playlist to convert all the songs of an album. It takes typically less than 30 seconds to do the whole album. Making a library of Master Class recordings means they all sound stunning and you only do it once. You can then play the new files on any device that plays AIFF files.

YouTube has videos and audio-only recordings of amazing musical content including artists like Maria Callas, John Coltrane, etc. With Soundtap software you can record the audio and make a Master Class version that sounds much better, often like high quality analog. With Movavi Screen Capture, you can make a Master Class version of the video’s audio and substitute it for the original sound track. Enjoy and share them with your friends!