Record And Playback Test Daniel Hertz audio systems are calibrated to live music using the record play test under the personal supervision of Mark Levinson. While scientific measurements are basic to audio engineering, the human ear is the final judge. When a pure 2 channel recording is reproduced through an audio system with no EQ moments after it is made, and the artist(s) is (are) present, you find out what you really have. Here, Michal Lech, the Polish cellist, records with Daniel Hertz in Venice, Italy. Connect your computer to a high quality music system to hear the audio quality of this clip.


Mark Levinson himself a professional musician, has been doing record/ play tests for over 40 years. His fundamental relationship to music is one of the hallmarks of his engineering and is why his product designs have such long term value. Of course, the most dynamic kinds of music benefit from larger Daniel Hertz systems. But even our most compact system with M9 and M10 pass the record/play test with flying colors with many types of music. The high end audio industry is based on encouraging people to constantly change equipment. Daniel Hertz is based on making you happy long term from the beginning.