Mark Levinson's Company

Mark Levinson's new company is
Daniel Hertz

Mark Levinson formed Daniel Hertz in 2007 to create new audio technology that brings us closer to the emotion of live music and replaces the marketing-driven business model of the industry, putting honesty, engineering, and the customer first. 

The results can now be experienced through Daniel Hertz branded products, and Daniel Hertz technology can be licensed to other companies across many industries that are committed to enhancing the love of music.

The original commitment of Mark Levinson in 1972 was to create the best music systems in the world, and his work has upheld that commitment in audio since then. Today this responsibility is continued personally by Mark Levinson and his team of engineers, managers, and craftspeople, at Daniel Hertz. Like makers of the finest musical instruments, Daniel Hertz is committed to fulfilling a vision of excellence in audio, with products made without compromise to create emotion, not just sound. 


One thing that sets Daniel Hertz apart from other audio companies is the fact that our founder, Mark Levinson, is an accomplished professional musician who has played and studied with some of the greatest jazz artists of the era, like John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Paul Bley, Jimmy Garrison, and Stan Getz. His 50+ years of studying the classical music of North India with maestro Ali Akbar Khan and his associates trained his ears to new levels of sensitivity. His iconic recordings in the 1970s, with custom-built pure analog open reel tape recording equipment, started the audiophile record industry.  Mark Levinson’s life in music gives Daniel Hertz its soul. 

Daniel Hertz SA. headquarters is located in Switzerland with a division, Daniel Hertz S.rl., in Venice Italy. This enables us to collaborate closely with artisanal suppliers of premium parts and services that are not available elsewhere and are essential for achieving our vision of quality and elegance.

Mark Levinson wanted a family name for his new company, so he used Daniel, his father's first name, and Hertz, his mother’s maiden name. Mark's relative, Heinrich Hertz, was the German physicist first to demonstrate the electromagnetic wave, thus the beginning of audio. Hertz (Hz ) is the internationally used term for cycles per second, named in his honor. Heinrich Hertz was one of a group of scientists and inventors who made the discoveries that built the base of modern electronics as we know it today.