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Chour In illo tempore - Tomás Luis de Victoria: Vêpres et complies inédites (Digital Download)

Introducing the music of Alexandre Traube! Daniel Hertz is proud to introduce the music of Alexandre Traube, a composer, conductor and specialist in early European church music.
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Name File Size Preview
Entrée: Quarto Tiento 18 de quarto tono 52.88 MB play_arrow
Verset Deus in adjutorium 13 MB play_arrow
Dixit Dominus à 4 74.8 MB play_arrow
Confitebor à 4 83.9 MB play_arrow
Motet: In te Domine speravi (instr.) 61.1 MB play_arrow
Beatus vir à 80.1 MB play_arrow
Laudate pueri 63.1 MB play_arrow
Motet: Beati immaculati 29.1 MB play_arrow
In exitu 143.3 MB play_arrow
Tiento 53 de dos tiples de segundo tono 56.7 MB play_arrow
Capitule 7.1 MB play_arrow
Hymne: Lucis creator 46 MB play_arrow
Magnificat à 8 118.6 MB play_arrow
Gloria Patri (fin du Magnificat) 35.8 MB play_arrow
Oraison - Benedicamus Domino 20.1 MB play_arrow
Sortie: Tiento 63 de tiple de sexto tono 101.6 MB play_arrow
Verset et Psaume 4 30.7 MB play_arrow
Psaume 90 - Psaume 133 59.5 MB play_arrow
Hymne: Te lucis ante terminum - capitule 14.9 MB play_arrow
Répons bref: In manus tuas, Domine 39.2 MB play_arrow
Nunc dimmitis à 5 55.2 MB play_arrow
Sortie: Quinto Tiento 29 de tiple de septimo tono 72.6 MB play_arrow
Salve Regina à 8 65.7 MB play_arrow
O clemens (fin du Salve Regina) 29.9 MB play_arrow