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Chiara Ultra Dimensional Speakers

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Daniel Hertz ultra-dimensional speaker technology

Chiara -is the only ultra-dimensional speaker available today.

  • Hand built Aerostriction Tweeters.
  • Hand built 8” Woofers, 27Hz resonant frequency.
  • Marine Grade Plywood cabinet.
  • Frequency response, 20Hz to 20kHz; dynamic range of 120dB SPL.
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Chiara Ultra Dimensional Speakers

The Chiara faithfully reproduces the sound of instruments and voices with stunning accuracy that enables you to clearly hear the acoustic detail of the performance space. Chiara's hand built Aerostriction Tweeters and 8” Woofers are the products of decades of intense engineering and artisanal craftsmanship , made in small quantities without compromise and are available exclusively from Daniel Hertz. It can be driven full range 2 channel or bi-amplified 4 channel.

Mark Levinson personally designed the Aerostriction Tweeters to produce the widest sound stage available. Chiara has an exclusive 8” woofer, handmade by Daniel Hertz, with a resonant frequency of 27Hz. This enables it to faithfully reproduce the main body of recording and it pairs beautifully with the open sound of the exclusive Aerostriction Tweeters. The pairing of these drivers means that the Chiara is capable of seamlessly reproducing sound from below 20Hz all the way through 20Khz with a dynamic range of 112db SPL.

Chiara Ultra Dimensional Speakers


693 mm(27.2 inches)

333 mm (13.1 inches )
277 mm (10.9 inches)

19 kg (41.8 pounds)
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Chiara doesn’t look like a normal speaker because it isn’t one. In addition to faithfully reproducing the sound of all acoustic instruments and voices, Chiara reproduces the space they are in. You are in the room with the musicians.

~ Mark Levinson

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