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M1 System (Maria 800 with M1 Reference Speakers Audio System)

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The capabilities of the Daniel Hertz M1 are mind blowing, even to the most experienced audio expert

Maria 800

  • Daniel Hertz Mighty Cat™ Audio Chip with C-Wave.
  • Digital Audio Conversion.
  • Pre-Amplifier.
  • 4 Channels designed for Bi-Amplification
  • Headphone amplifier.
  • 350 Watts per channel (8 ohms).
  • 500 Watts per channel (4 ohms).
  • Custom Daniel Hertz speaker terminals.
  • Hand-built mirror black finish Perspex chassis.
  • Hand-polished stainless steel knobs and buttons.
  • 2 pair of 4 meter (13') pair of Daniel Hertz speaker cables.
M1 Reference Speakers

  • Custom Compression Tweeter and Horn.
  • 12” Woofer.
  • 18” Subwoofer.
  • Mark Levinson designed Precision Crossover.
  • Bi-Amplified operation.
  • 12 layers of Piano Black finish.
  • 150kg (330 lb) cabinet hand built in Venice, Italy.
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The M1 Reference System

The M1 Reference System reproduces the sound of any kind of music with accuracy beyond any other system available today at any cost.

The Daniel Hertz M1 system is truly Mark Levinson's lifetime masterpiece.

M1 Reference Speakers

The flagship Daniel Hertz M1 is the best speaker money can buy and the best speaker that Mark Levinson has ever created.

The Daniel Hertz M1 is the only speaker that creates an emotional experience, in any size room, that challenges live music. Using state of the art pro audio technology with proprietary refinements, the M1 has efficiency of 100dB/1W/1M/8 ohms and offers acoustic output up to 126dB SPL.In practice, most listening consumes less than 1W of power.

The compression driver Tweeter and Daniel Hertz exclusive molded horn reproduce the fine details of the most delicate instruments and also the full force of high SPL rock and pop tracks with sound pressure at the maximum sustainable levels.. The Daniel Hertz exclusive monster 12” Midrange reproduces the body of the sound with extreme transparency and dynamics. The exclusive Daniel Hertz 18” Subwoofer has the speed, low distortion and power handling to shake rooms as well as recreate the subtle low level ambiance of a concert hall. Daniel Hertz speaker connectors eliminate solder joints and terminations, insuring perfect signal transmission between the Maria 800 and the M1.

M1 Reference Speakers

Maria 800

Mark Levinson personally designed Maria 800 to enable no compromise bi-amplified systems. The Maria 800 can also be operated in bridge mode to deliver 800 watts per channel, 2 channels.

The Maria 800 has fully programmable active crossovers with laboratory grade algorithms that enable the precision tuning in .1dB increments required for bi-amplifying the M4 speakers without compromise.

The Mighty Cat™ Class D chipset is at the heart of the Maria 800. It is a DAC with analog power output that has a native resolution of 384kHz. Mighty Cat™ has the most elegant and shortest signal path possible, eliminating signal degradation by multiple chassis systems with many meters of cable, power supplies and loading issues.

Mighty Cat™ has no audible noise. High output current and low output impedance enable Mighty Cat™ to drive all high quality speakers with ease. Power supply regulation, a rare and costly feature of only a few pure analog amplifiers, is provided by a state-of-the-art SMPS (switching mode power supply), enabling rock solid bass, astonishing punch and dynamics, and pin point imaging. 3 analog inputs have 1 megohm input impedance, an innovation introduced by Mark Levinson, which eliminates loading of analog source devices.

Maria 800 and M1 reference speaker
The audio industry pushes expensive speaker cables that put the stereo signal through 4 solder joints and 4 additional pieces of metal. Daniel Hertz speaker connectors eliminate these unnecessary sources of signal degradation by sandwiching the bare copper wire between two brass plates, making a connection with no virtually no limitations in voltage and current, that last a lifetime, and are able to accept almost any size wire. The threaded rod that is the mechanical and electrical connection attaches to the amplifier output stage located inside the chassis, only millimeters away from the connector, adding no extra wire or materials to the signal path.
The Maria is as new on the outside as it is on the inside. Maria's chassis is made of hand-assembled art grade black mirror finish Perspex panels, with hand-polished stainless steel knobs and buttons. Typical amplifiers made of anodized aluminum have the look of an appliance. The Maria Amplifiers are closer to the quality of fine jewelry. Maria's chassis is artisan made, not industrially produced, and is at home with in luxury home interiors and architecturally designed spaces. Daniel Hertz is the only audio company that designs and builds its own speaker connectors. They are made from machined Delrin® and brass with a speaker connector tightening tool made from Delrin® and stainless steel.


Daniel Hertz Maria 800

Digital inputs:
Bluetooth, digital coaxial, USB Audio 2.0, WIFI

Bluetooth (wireless):
24 bit, 48 kHz

Digital Coaxial:
24 bit, 192 kHz

USB Audio Class 2.0:
q24 bit, 192 kHz

Analog inputs:
stereo RCA, 3 pairs with 1 megohms input impedance

Analog outputs:
Left and right channel speaker outputs via Daniel Hertz speaker connectors.
Headphone output via front panel 1/4" phone jack

Active crossovers:
Left and right high pass
Left and right high pass
Fully programmable crossover frequencies, slopes, levels, and time delays. Resolution in steps of .1dB.Power output, four channels:
200W per channel at 8 ohms.
400W per channel at 4 ohms.

Frequency response:
5 Hz - 30 kHz

Native resolution:
384 kHz PWM, 3ns

AC Power input:
90V - 250 V


110mm (4.33’’)

430mm (16.93’’)

330mm (12.99’’)

6kg (13 lbs)

15 A
M1 Reference Speakers
Input Impedance:
8 Ohms nominal

3-way b. posts

Frequency Response:
20 Hz to 20 kHz

Maximum SPL:
126 dB w. 200 W

Dispersion Characteristic:
focused wide angle

1550 mm (60.0")

560 mm (22.0")

470 mm (18.5")

Weight (unpacked):
150 kg (330 Ibs)
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I admire visionaries like Antonio Stradivari who created the ultimate in musical instruments, and inspired music and musicians for centuries. The M1 system is my tribute to their accomplisments and built in the same spirit of designing to the ultimate standard, not just a price. Those who buy a Daniel Hertz M1 system treasure it for the same reasons.

~ Mark Levinson

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