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Welcome to Daniel Hertz

Daniel Hertz is dedicated to reproducing music with unprecedented faithfulness and emotional impact.  Our philosophy is based on quality, simplicity and putting the customer first. 

Mark Levinson, founder of Daniel Hertz, invites you to learn about our innovative products and company philosophy.  > Read more

Daniel Hertz is dedicated to providing audio solutions that make our customers happy for the long term.  We build equipment that brings music to life and never goes out of date.  We do not build products for “the market” – we build them to use them ourselves, designed to meet a standard, not a price.  We do not try to “sell” our products; we make them for those who share our vision and want to buy them. 

Music is more than sound, it is emotion.  Emotion happens when the most advanced engineering and respect for science are blended with the human ear and love of music.  That is the core of the Daniel Hertz philosophy. 

Daniel Hertz products can be used separately and are compatible with audio equipment from other makers, but their true value is fully evident only when used as complete Daniel Hertz systems.  We strive to achieve perfection, and perfection is not created by accident. Mixing and matching components can go on and on without end, resulting in disappointment and financial loss. Not so at Daniel Hertz. Perfect matching of engineering, features, sound and design yields benefits that make audio dreams come true, bring recordings of music to life, end brings to an end the search for audio fulfillment. 


Master Class vs Analog Master Tapes


Daniel Hertz Master Class gets the upper echelon award from mono & stereo! > Review by Matej Isak...

New! Master Class

Daniel Hertz introduces Master Class, the most advanced music player software for Mac. Master Class enables the listener to obtain a new level of natural sound from digital recordings including CD’s and downloads, in many cases equal to or better than pure SACD, analog tape and vinyl. This is the fusion point of no-compromise audio with the digital music era and the internet.  > Read more

New! Compact and Affordable M8 and M9

Daniel Hertz now introduces more compact and affordable systems for the wider upscale audience based on the new M8 speaker and M9 integrated amplifier. For many listeners, the M8 and M9 put the soul of Daniel Hertz within reach.

New! M5 and M6 L series

The original M5 amplifier and M6 preamplifier were in production from 2010 to 2013. In 2013, Daniel Hertz introduced the new L series M5 mono power amplifier and M6 preamplifier, referred to as M5L and M6L. The L series identification is shown on the serial number label on the rear of the units. Substantial sonic improvements have been made, along with cosmetic refinements.

> Read more

New! Caruso wood horn

The Daniel Hertz speakers M1, M2, and M7 now include the Caruso wood horn for the high frequency driver. Mark Levinson envisioned a wood horn for these models but was unable to find a company to make them until recently. Made in France, the Caruso wood horn enhances the natural sound of these Daniel Hertz speakers to a new level.

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