Bi-amplified M1

Bi-amplified M1

Thank you for your interest in our Daniel Hertz M1 system includes: Maria 800, M1 speakers for €200.000.

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    Bi-amplified M1

    with Maria 800

    “The Daniel Hertz M1 system is in a class of it’s own.” – Mark Levinson

    The capabilities of the Daniel Hertz M1 are mind blowing, even to the most experienced audio experts. The bi-amplified M1 is the ultimate music system, reproducing the sound of any kind of music with accuracy beyond any other system regardless of cost or size.

    The M1 works well in a normal living room from 4.5m x 5.5m. Despite it’s larger size, it provides an intimate listening experience that makes you forget about audio equipment entirely.  The Daniel Hertz M1 comes close to reproducing the actual sound of music in live performance. Comparing the M1 to any other system is like comparing the performance of an F1 car to a family sedan.

    There are only two things possible with electrical energy – turn it into acoustic output or heat. The M1’s high efficiency of 100dB/1W/8 ohms/1m turns more amplifier energy into sound so you hear more of the recording. The M1 with Maria 800 have no audible compression or distortion at up to 128db SPL. The sound at any listening level is effortless, with no stress.

    The M1’s 18” woofer, with a resonant frequency of 20Hz, delivers flat response at full power down to 20Hz.The M1’s smooth frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz offers the most natural sound with of all types of music.


    M1 drivers


    The M1 uses custom made exclusive drivers built with pro audio muscle, designed to reproduce the sound of music in live performance venues. No high end audio speakers uses drivers with this capability.


    The M1 18” woofer of the M1 is a high efficiency design (98dB/1W/1m) that can take up to 4000W of power and generate over 132dB SPL. With a resonant frequency of 20Hz, it has flat frequency response to 20Hz. The crossover point is 80Hz. 


    The M1 12” woofer of the M1 is 100dB efficient and reproduces signals from 80Hz to 2kHz. It is driven directly from the Maria 800 via the active crossovers enabled in the Mighty Cat software suite. A passive crossover is used between the 12” woofer and the high performance compression driver tweeter, which reproduces signals from 2kHz to 20kHz.


    The M1 compression driver tweeter is 100dB efficient and  can generate over 130dB SPL, 8 ohms/1W/1m.

    Vienna Music Room


    Live concert sound is amplified with high efficiency speakers because low efficiency speakers cannot take the power or survive the audio demands. Residential audio speakers might sound pleasant, but have no chance of meeting the needs of live performance requirements. The M1 is built with the high efficiency and high power handling required for amplifying live musical events.


    The Vienna Music Room in Vienna, Austria chose the Daniel Hertz M1 system as the personal listening system of the owner, as well as the live sound system for amplifying top musicians like Al DiMeola and Stanley Jordan. A pair of M2 (the 12” and tweeter of the M1 without the 18”) are used for the rear channel speakers in the rear of the room. Mark Levinson designed the acoustic treatment in collaboration with the architects, so everyone in the room hears similar tonal  balance.

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    Maria 800

    Maria 800 enables no compromise bi-amplified systems

    with an elegant single chassis solution. In bridge mode, the Maria 800 

    delivers 1200 watts per channel @ 8 ohms, 2 channels.



    Input impedance:

    8 Ohms nominal


    3-way b. posts

    Frequency response:

    20 Hz to 20 kHz

    Maximum SPL:

    126 dB w. 200 W

    Dispersion characteristic:

    focused wide angle



    1550 mm (60.0")


    560 mm (22.0")


    470 mm (18.5")

    Weight (unpacked):

    150 kg (330 Ibs)

    "I admire visionaries like Antonio Stradivari who created the ultimate in musical instruments, and inspired music and musicians for centuries. The M1 system is my tribute to their accomplisments and built in the same spirit of designing to the ultimate standard, not just a price. Those who buy a Daniel Hertz M1 system treasure it for the same reasons." - Mark Levinson