Amber Midnight


Thank you for your interest in Daniel Hertz Amber speakers.We provide two options for Amber speakers: standalone Amber speakers priced at €12,000 and Amber speakers paired with the Maria 350 amplifier for €24,000. To purchase or have any questions please contact us:

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    Hand built in Venice, Italy by dedicated artisans and engineers, Amber is everything that most people want most in music reproduction.


    Amber Midnight is a universal speaker that plays recordings of all genres of music with ease, from the most delicate to the most powerful. In addition to warm, full, clear sound, Amber has the speed, punch, dynamics, and vitality needed to reproduce the beginnings of notes that bring music to life. Amber Midnight fills the needs of the most demanding music lovers as well as the most particular interior designers.


    Amber Midnight  is built with a 10” coaxial driver with the tweeter in the center, for pin point imaging. Designed with pro audio technology and specifications, Amber Midnight is 97db efficient, has 118db dynamic range, and produces 100dB of sound pressure level (SPL) with only 3 Watts of power. Amber can be easily driven by any good amplifier, but it’s full potential is realized when driven by the DH Maria 350.


    The original Amber with wood cabinet was introduced in July, 2023. In  March, 2024, DH introduced Amber Midnight, built in solid mirror finish Waveglas™ material due to outstanding performance advantages. Waveglas™ is non-porous, is 2.5 times the density of wood, and less resonant.  The radius front panel of Amber Midnight enables better imaging.

     Amber Midnight is available in a choice of colors that harmonize with a wide variety of decors, allowing a level of visual integration previously unavailable. In addition to mirror finish black, colors include ivory, anthracite, and dark Chinese red.



    Input impedance:

    8 ohms nominal



    Frequency response:

    30Hz – 20kHz

    Power handling



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