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Daniel Hertz Master Class music player and mastering software for Mac Developed by Mark Levinson (Download)

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Daniel Hertz Master Class is for everyone.

  • Daniel Hertz Master Class is for everyone. Master Class upgrades your existing music library to a new level of quality, with no digital sound or feeling.
  • Master Class includes A+, a consumer version of Daniel Hertz patent pending C Wave technology; and EQ (equalization) - the digital version of the legendary Cello Audio Palette, designed by Mark Levinson.
  • Non-technical music lovers can improve the sound quality of their existing music library.
  • Studio professionals can use Master Class to make superior final production masters.
  • Master Class works with recordings of music on the Mac desktop in any Quicktime format including AIFF, WAV, Mp3 and AAC. It does not work with streaming content from the internet.
  • New AIFF files generated by Master Class can be played on any device that plays AIFF files. Master Class generates new lossless files from 16/44,1 to 24/192, replicating the resolution of the original file, but upgrades Mp3 to AIFF to avoid double compression.
  • Three things are required to use Master Class - a Mac, your ears, your time - and love of music.
  • Master Class is a 64-bit native Mac application for OS X version up to Big Sur. 
  • A valid user license is included with each software purchase of Master Class. The license allows to activate the software on up to 3 devices.
  • To request a free 10-day trial version of the Master Class software, please send an email to
  • Be sure to follow the instructions and send us the Authorization Code Request that your Mac will generate, so we can send you the Authorization Code to activate Master Class your Mac.
  • Master Class is a 64-bit native Mac application for OS X version up to Monterey.
  • Master Class is not yet compatible with macOS Ventura.
  • To request the trial version, contact us
Daniel Hertz Master class enables A+, a consumer version of Daniel Hertz C Wave technology, that fills in the spaces in the non-continous PCM digital audio waveform, to deliver the sound and feeling of pure analog audio from digital recordings of music. The EQ (equalization) allows very fine tuning in steps of .1dB, as well as dramatic improvements, to recordings of music in all genres and from every era.
Daniel Hertz Master Class is both a music player with superior sound quality; and a mastering system that generates new Master Class AIFF files with A+ and EQ embedded. The new AIFF files can be played on any device that plays Quicktime media formats including AIFF, WAV, Mp3, and AAC.


Daniel Hertz Master Class specifications: A+ on/off EQ on/off Bypass on/off EQ in steps of .1dB, from -12dB to +12dB at the following frequencies: 40Hz, 120Hz, 500Hz, 2kHz, 5kHz and 20kHz. On/off switching for each of the filters at the frequencies above. Input level control (to avoid clipping when frequencies are boosted) Output level control (works when Bypass is not enabled) Hidden controls: Return to zero, all functions: click to the left of "40Hz". Return to 0dB: click to 0dB on each frequency (mid scale). Type in the amount of boost or cut: click on the dB window of each frequency, time in a number from .1 to 12, or -.1 to -12, and hit "return" on the Mac desktop.
Daniel Hertz Master Class allows adjustments in steps of .1dB Frequency vs musical range: 20kHz: air and harmonics 5kHz: high frequencies 2kHz: voice presence 500Hz: warmth 120Hz: bass 40Hz: deep bass File menu: Add to Playlist Remove from Playlist Clear Playlist Save Playlist Load Playlist Save Preset Load Preset Render and Save As ( one track) Render Playlist (all tracks open) Master Class security Master Class is secure by Wibu. Each copy of Master Class is registered to a particular Mac. A user may obtain additional 2 copies of Master Class for 50 USD each to cover the cost of additional registration. (Abuse of this policy will result in all authorizations for this copy of Master Class being terminated.) IMPORTANT: When you install Master Class, a small authorization request file is generated and placed on the desktop. You must send this file to The authoriation code (auth code) will be sentt to you by email. Follow the instructions and drag the auth code into the Codemeter window. Master Class will be enabled. NOTE: As Apple releases new versions of MacOS, different versions of Wibu Codemeter may need to be installed. If you encounter any installation issues, contact for assistance.

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