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Audio legend Mark Levinson, founder of Daniel Hertz, and his team have developed disruptive audio technology that delivers a new level of natural sound and emotion in music reproduction from all formats including streaming.


With this new technology, Daniel Hertz builds Maria - a single chassis complete amplifier solution with uncompromised  performance, elegant design, build quality, compact size, light weight, low heat and fully programmable signal flow, priced within reach of more people. Daniel Hertz speakers offer a choice of sizes and price points for listeners with different needs.


C Wave patented technology


The biggest challenge in audio has been how to obtain pure analog emotion and enjoyment from digital audio. In January 2024, the Daniel Hertz C Wave patent was accepted and approved by the U.S. patent office, based on making digital audio better for human health. DH is the only company that can explain, measure and fix the digital audio problem. Read White Paper


Maria 800 amplifier

Maria 350 €13.200 (2 channel)
Maria 800 €33.000 (4 channel)

Maria 350 is an elegant single chassis C Wave enabled stereo amplifier powered by the Daniel Hertz Mighty Cat audio chip that performs the functions of a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), preamplifier, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and active crossovers, eliminating interconnect cables.


The Maria 800 is the 4 channel version, with the same performance, for driving bi-amplified speakers with active crossovers and time alignment enabled.

“The Daniel Hertz Maria is the best amplifier I know how to build, without regard for price.” 

– Mark Levinson

Amber Midnight

Point Source Speaker

Amber speakers


“Amber Midnight is the sweet spot – a universal high performance speaker which is compact, elegant, and priced within reach of many music lovers.” – Mark Levinson

Bi-amplified Chiara


with Maria 800

Chiara speakers


“The ultimate high resolution compact music system. Doesn’t look like anything else because it doesn’t sound like anything else except live music.” – Mark Levinson

Bi-amplified M1


with Maria 800

M1 speakers


“The Daniel Hertz M1 system is in a class of it’s own It's the ultimate end game.” – Mark Levinson

Bi-amplified M4


with Maria 800



“The M4 is similar to the M1 but with a 15” subwoofer instead of an 18” subwoofer. The M4 meets the needs of those who want the closest thing to M1 performance with more compact size and/or lower cost.” – Mark Levinson

Master Class


software for Mac

Master Class software


Master Class software for Mac upgrades digital music library to the sound and feeling of pure analog master tapes.
Software is compatible with Macs equipped with Intel processors up to macOS Big Sur.

Daniel Hertz Mighty Cat


A new type of semiconductor

Daniel Hertz Mighty Cat, designed from the silicon up, enables Maria 350 and Maria 800 to replace the most expensive separate components and interconnect cables, with superior performance, lower cost, and important features including speaker tuning, headphone tuning, active crossovers and time alignment. Mighty Cat is the only chip with the internal architecture required to run DH C Wave (patented) technology.




What The World Is Saying

Your audio system has become an integral part of my sound on the album and I think we're getting my best guitar recordings yet. What I'm noticing is that it does not sound like an audio system at all. It just sounds like there is music in the air. I have no idea how you guys pulled this off, but congratulations - it really sounds amazing!

Stanley Jordan
American jazz guitarist and pianist



Mark’s equipment so perfectly and so honestly replicates the extraordinary depths of the sound from my double bass, I feel that I can now at long last, bring my dream of recording the Bach cello suites to fruition. What Mark offers the music world, in my opinion, is the opportu#fcf7efnity to hear for the first time in reproduced form,music and soul as it really is.

Gary Karr
The world's leading solo bassist

I am the owner of two M1 systems – one for my living room music system, and one for my home theatre. When I visited you in Venice, I originally bought the M4 system, and although it was amazing, I had the feeling that the M1 system was what I really wanted – and I was right.

Interestingly, my wife Juliette, who was previously irritated by my audio systems, fell in love with the M1 system as well, and listens to it even more than I do. She is a student of opera and takes singing lessons, and loves the way the M1 reproduce recordings of her favorite operas. We are involved with the Bordeaux Opera and know what music is in live performance. The M1 is in a class of its own.

Cedric Paasche